Islam-Chat.Org – Terms Of Service

Alsalamu Aliakom Warahmatu Allahi Wabarakatuhu

Islam-Chat.Org (“Website” or the “IRC Servers”) offers the “Services” according to the Terms of Service. We reserve the right to modify these terms without notice. Your continued usage of our Services constitutes your acceptance of these terms. Violation of any terms will result in termination of your account and you being banned from our servers. Questions about the Terms of Service may be sent to [email protected].
To have a pleasant chat in Islam-Chat.Org and to learn freely about Islam please follow below rules:

  1. The services of this network, including the chat rooms, are not for use by children under 13 years of age. Chatters under the age of 13 will be removed if found, whenever possible.
  2. No auto greets/messages/scripts.
  3. Respect all no matter what faith they follow
  4. No Swearing
  5. No Flooding
  6. No excessive usage of CAPs (If its chat disruptive you’ll be asked to drop your CAPs)
  7. No Advertising for other channels or emails. Islamic links or any other links that serve a topic are allowed after checking it with an operator in the room. So spamming is a NO NO.
  8. No Auto-Mp3 Player Messages (Chat disruptive)
  9. No offensive/sexual nicks nicks.
  10. No harassment.
  11. No racial/religious/lifestyle/country insults.
  12. No excessive repeating.
  13. No General channel/chat Disruption.
  14. NO asking for sex/cyber in the channel (and its not a Dating channel (abusive for Muslim Girls/Guys community)
  15. All Islamic debates should be verified by Quran verses and/or Hadeeths.
  16. No Opship discussion in our main/public channels; In any disagreement or problem please join #Help. Or you can submit a complaint HERE.

In order not to abuse our services, kindly note that:

  • A Maximum of five allowed nickname/channel registrations for each user.

Do you know that?

Islam-Chat.Org is a siter website for IslamicQuotes.Org